Get Ready for Memorial Day (And Summer) With Some Great Local Brews at Creekside!

The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer; Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Although this holiday weekend is sure to be quite different than the norm, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate by trying some great local beers! Whether you’re having a socially distant cookout with the family, doing some yardwork, or hitting the links, here’s two awesome brews that I think will pair nicely!

East End Monkey Boy Hefeweizen

A terrific, refreshing hefeweizen from East End Brewing! Direct from the brewer, “swinging from tank to tank around here, we've come up with the perfect way to enjoy a bright sparkling taste of summer, no matter what the season may be. Now a year-round offering, this fresh local hefeweizen carries a distinct banana ester profile, and crisp finish. No bananas were harmed or peeled in the brewing of this beer. It's just a little side benefit that our German yeast strain gives us.” It sits at 6.2% ABV and holds a 3.63/5 rating on Untappd at time of writing.

  • Look: It pours deep orange and quite hazy. Looks almost like an NEIPA in the glass.

  • Smell: Heavy aromas of bananas in this one when poured. In fact, the aroma fills the air as soon as you crack the can.

  • Taste: It’s delicious and refreshing! As someone who finds hefeweizens pretty hit or miss, this one is a definite hit!

  • Thoughts: To quote Gwen Stefani, “this s*** is bananas”! It’s certainly aptly named, because that flavor is dominant throughout the brew. If you like bananas, or if you like other hefeweizens like Rusty Rail Fool’s Gold or Ellicottville Blood Orange, you’ll love this one!

Tyler's Rating: 4.75/5

Eleventh Hour Archer Heavy Kolsch

A light, crushable kolsch from Eleventh Hour Brewing in Lawrenceville. The brewer states, “this is a traditional German Kölsch style ale that pours a beautiful straw yellow with a dense white head. On the nose you have the standard floral aroma with hints of light citrus and faint fruit. A beefier version of our standard Archer, this was brewed with an extra premium German Pilsner malt created specifically for this style of beer. The initial sip gives you a crisp crackery background weaving into the pointed finish allowing the flavors to slowly fade on your tongue.” The higher-octane version of Archer clocks in at 5.5% ABV and currently holds a 3.86/5 on Untappd.

  • Look: This pours a beautiful, light yellow color with an instantly dissolving head. It’s quite clear, in stark contrast to the hazy IPAs that seem to be so prevalent.

  • Smell: Slight aromas of lemon and other citrus fruits. It smells almost like a classic light beer.

  • Taste: A very tasty, light brew! It’s crisp, flowery, and features just a slight bit of citrus.

  • Thoughts: This is the perfect midday, outdoor beer! On a hot day, this would be extremely crisp and refreshing. It still has plenty of flavor, but it’s easy-drinking and crushable. So long Miller Lite, I’ll take an Archer Heavy instead!

Tyler's Rating: 4.25/5

Now that you’ve heard what I think about these brews, let me know what you think! Comment on this blog, Tweet at us, tag us on Untappd, post on our Facebook wall, or mention us on Instagram and let’s keep the conversation going! Cheers!

Tasted, evaluated, and written by Tyler M. Azar

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