Four Points Adds New Entries Into Two Awesome IPA Series

The hottest brewery in the Greater Pittsburgh area is at it again! Four Points Brewing, located in the heart of Charleroi, PA, has been on a tear as of late. Their hazies can be put up against any other brewery, local or national, and hold their own. And last weekend, they released new entries into two of their most heralded IPA series: Bodega and Fourth Street Plus. First, a little bit about each of them.

Fourth Street + Enigma IPA

Fourth Street is Four Points’ flagship IPA, the one that’s been there since the start. Dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic, it’s a super soft and crushable New England IPA. But the brewers at 4P have decided to be adventurous and release different variations of their original recipe over the past few months. First came Fourth Street + Nelson, then Fourth Street + Vic Secret, Fourth Street + Strata, and a double-dry hopped version of the original, simply called Fourth Street Plus. Now, they’ve added another variant: Fourth Street + Enigma. From the brewers, “this beer is super saturated at 6.6 pounds per barrel with Citra, Mosaic and Enigma in the dry hop. Notes of Grapefruit, Citrus and Lychee, rounded out with Tropical Fruits and Red Berries.” Fourth Street + Enigma clocks in at 6.6% ABV and currently holds a 4.28/5 on Untappd.

Bodega 02 DIPA

There might have been no more sought-after beer than Bodega 01, released back at the beginning of June. A low yield, paired with an incredibly high demand, meant this beer was off the shelves at Creekside in less than an hour on the Friday afternoon it arrived. Thankfully, your humble author was lucky enough to nab some and yes, it was awesome.

The Bodega series was developed to offer a DIPA with a rotating blend of hops with vastly different flavor profiles. According to the brewery, “Bodega 02 features Galaxy, Strata, Lotus, Topaz, Trident and Lemondrop, dry-hopped at 7 pounds per barrel. This batch is dripping with notes of Citrus, Orange, Lemon, along with ripe Tropical Fruits and a touch of Dankness.” It’s 8.5% ABV and, at time of writing, has a 4.22/5 on Untappd.

So now that you’ve learned about the beers themselves, what do I think of them?

Fourth Street + Enigma

  • Look: This one pours a beautiful light orange/yellowish color with moderate, quick dissipating head. It’s somewhat thick and hazy as well.

  • Smell: Grapefruit aromas are what hit me first and foremost. This one has a little dankness to it as well.

  • Taste: An extremely tasty and refreshing brew! The grapefruit comes through in spades, with no bitterness at all. The kind of beer you could have a few of!

  • Thoughts: I’ve really liked all of the Fourth Street Plus series thus far, and this one was no exception. Unlike the other entries, Enigma is a hop I don’t have much familiarity with. But after trying this delicious brew, I’ll be seeking out other Enigma beers for sure!

Tyler’s Rating: 4.5/5


  • Look: It pours quite thick! It’s dark orange in color and features a frothy, quick dissolving head.

  • Smell: Citrus aromas, especially orange peel, are very noticeable upfront. Not noticing much dankness, however.

  • Taste: There’s so many flavors and textures to unpack here! First off, it’s very creamy and thick. I’m tasting some lemon and pineapple. Not as much orange on the palate as there was on the nose. Every sip seems to offer something different.

  • Thoughts: Another home run for Four Points! I do think that the mix of hops in Bodega 01 (Citra, Mosaic, Vic Secret, Simcoe, Comet, and Cascade) worked together more cohesively, but this batch is still a top tier DIPA! If you’ve liked any of 4P’s any other DIPAs, you should definitely give this one a shot!

Tyler’s Rating: 4.5/5

Sipped, sampled and savored by Tyler M. Azar

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