Every Season Should Be Stout Season!!

If you’ve read my other blogs or talked to me at Creekside, you’re probably aware that I love stouts. I say it all the time. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t also love IPAs, sours, lagers, and pretty much every other style of beer. But super dark, super heavy imperial stouts are easily my favorite thing to drink. Some people seem to believe stouts are only good in the wintertime, when the high ABV and rich, roasty flavors help keep you warm. I disagree. I could, and do, drink them when it’s 95 degrees outside. And since it IS 95 degrees outside right now, I thought I’d highlight a few stouts that we currently have at Creekside Beer!

11th Hour Nocturnal Rainbow Coffee Milk Stout

If you’re looking for a stout that’s a little lighter and less “in your face”, 11th Hour’s Nocturnal Rainbow is the one for you! It comes in at an easy-drinking 5.9% ABV, which means you can have several at a time! Direct from the brewery, “Working with La Prima Espresso, 11th Hour carefully selected their Moka Java coffee to pair into this beer. With rich notes of chocolate, molasses, lightly roasted coffee beans and hints of lime and a mild spiciness. This is a sultry elixir that can be enjoyed bright and early or into the night. The delicate balance between the Lactose sweetness and the roast plays out well to allow all colors to shine through the darkness.” It currently sits at a 3.98/5 on Untappd.

  • Look: This one pours dark black and is relatively thick, with a lingering brown head.

  • Smell: The coffee aromas are extremely present as soon as you crack the can. A little chocolate is also definitely noticeable.

  • Taste: Quite sweet and VERY delicious! I’m tasting a solid mix of dark roast coffee and chocolate. However, I personally missed the lime and spice that the brewery mentioned.

  • Thoughts: A great lighter stout. This is the kind of beer you could enjoy several of at a time (believe me, I have). Untappd tells me that there’s an imperial version of this one that has been released in the past...can’t wait until that one comes again!

Tyler's Rating: 4.5/5

Pipeworks Imperial Hyper Dog Stout

So you’ve had the easy-drinking coffee stout. Now it’s time for a high-octane brew! All the way from Chicago, Pipeworks Brewing brings us the imperial version of their Hyper Dog Milk Stout. According to the brewery, “The Hyper Dog has gone supernova, in the milkiest way! We’ve sent the classic Hyper Dog over the moon with more malt, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee in this imperialized spacecraft beer.” This big, bold brew sits at 10.5% ABV and currently holds a 4.08 on Untappd.

  • Look: Pitch black and minimal bubbles. This one had no head whatsoever when poured. A beautiful sight to behold!

  • Smell: Coffee dominates the nose here. There’s faint chocolate and vanilla, but it’s almost like cracking open a container of Folgers.

  • Taste: Roasty, dark, chocolatey, rich, heavy amazingness. It has a little booziness which is balanced out perfectly by the sweetness of the sugar. This is exactly what I’m looking for in a stout.

  • Thoughts: Pipeworks really doesn’t miss with their imperial stouts! I already reviewed their Pothole City Stout in a previous blog, and I think I may like this one even better! I don’t care if the weather hits 110 degrees, give me this any day of the week!

Tyler's Rating: 4.75/5

Enthusiastically sampled and extolled by Tyler M. Azar

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