About Us

Pittsburgh's  Premier Craft Beer Distributor

Creekside Beer – Pittsburgh’s destination for exceptional beer, serving north Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Wexford, Economy, Beaver Valley, with a covered drive-up lane for faster service. We offer the best prices on domestic beer, a wide range of imported beer, plus a huge selection of locally-brewed craft beer and other exceptional craft products including gluten free beer and non-alcoholic beer. Or, choose from our sizable selection of spiked seltzers, ciders, spiked lemonade and tea products, or choose a spiked adult slushie to enjoy later.

We provide products in a variety of packaging, such as cases, 12-packs, 6-packs, and 4-packs, with kegs available for order, complimentary carry-out service, and delivery services available upon request.

Select your favorite beverage from our large walk-in cooler or six-pack and singles cooler, with no additional charge for the area’s coldest beer.

Don’t see what you want? We will be happy for order your favorite specialty from our suppliers if available.

  • On-Line Ordering:  Let us bring Creekside Beer to you!  View our entire inventory online, and place an order for any of our products for home delivery, or curbside pickup.

  • Home Delivery: We offer home delivery within 10 miles of our location for a nominal fee.  

  • Special requests:  If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we will make every attempt to get it from our suppliers if possible, with no additional charge for special orders

  • Covered Drive Up Lane:  No need to walk through inclement weather 

  • Complimentary Carry-out Service:  We insist.  

  • Order and Hold Service:  Special items that you routinely need?  We’ll order and hold these for you in our security cage.

  • Local Craft Beer Selections:  Our selection of locally-brewed craft beer favorites from across Pittsburgh and surrounding communities is unrivaled anywhere in the area.  Why?  Check out "The Ultimate Guide to Local Craft Beer". We also carry a large variety of the other exceptional beer products available in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Transparent Pricing:  All products have their prices clearly marked on the shelves, and we don't upcharge for smaller packaging like six-packs and four-packs.  No more guessing, or surprises when you check out.

  • Tasting Notes:  We want you to be as passionate about our products as we are, so we have developed tasting notes for all of our craft selections, so you know what to expect when you purchase these products.  

  • Special Events:  Let us talk with you about supplying all of the beverages, ice and supplies for your wedding, party, picnic, family barbecue or other special event, with delivery available upon request.

  • Payment:  All major credit cards accepted, with no minimum charge.

  • Cold Beer:  Always.  At no extra charge.  

  • Other Event Items:  We also stock ice, soda, snacks, tubs, water, and coolers for your special event.  Why make extra stops if you don’t have to?

  • Cold Singles and Six-Packs:  Want to try something new without getting a whole case?  Check out our cold singles and six-packs to go, and in particular, items in our local #DrinkPGH section and cooler  and local mix-and-match section.

  • Spiked Adult Slushies:  Spiked adult slushies are now available at Creekside, with flavors rotated weekly.

  • Cigarettes:  We carry a wide variety of tobacco products, including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

  • Cigars:  Check out your favorite cigars in our humidor, and pick up some accessories to make the experience even more enjoyable.

  • Pennsylvania Lottery:  Play here.  Win here.  Get paid here. Repeat.

  • ATM:  ATM available inside the store for your cash needs.

  • Tastings:  Sample new products at our complimentary tasting events, held several times each month.